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Medi-Share As A Healthcare Option?

When I first started looking into health share groups I looked into Medi-Share and Christian Healthcare Ministries. Our family currently lives in Florida and Medi-Share is based out of Florida so it only made sense to look into them. I remember driving down the highway listening to their radio commercial. I believe that was my first exposure to this type of healthcare. What I did not like about Medi-Share in the beginning was that they seemed more like a traditional health insurance company rather than something that was different. Their pricing structure was similar to what we had just left and it felt like they were more like an ObamaCare option.

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Looking back I can see how I was more critical of their services than I should have been.

Let me tell you a story about our first born son, Elijah. He was born in Anchorage Alaska and five months later we were driving down to our new home in Florida. By the time he was almost 2 years old we knew he was behind in his speech and had him assessed by a speech pathologist.

They agreed that he needed speech therapy and suggested that we bring in him twice per week for the next six months. After six months they would reassess his speech and adjust his therapy as needed.

Since we don’t have health insurance we knew this would be out of pocket and knew that we were on our own because Christian Healthcare Ministries will not cover speech therapy. Should they? I think so, because its different when your child is under the age of receiving “free speech therapy” at the local school district. In order to get free speech therapy a child must be at least 3 years old. When I called them on it, they just told me to contact our local school. “We don’t share speech therapy cost, we suggest talking with your local school district about receiving therapy”.

I told them they won’t even test him until he’s 3 years old. So while we waited we went to speech therapy 2 times per week. After the first 6 months they diagnosed our son with Speech Apraxia and suggested that we bring him 3 times per week. A child with Apraxia needs as much intensive speech therapy as possible and since we upped his number of sessions we started seeing small gains. The progress has been excruciatingly slow but we do see progress which gives us hope and when its your child you will do whatever you can to give them the best shot at life.

Cost of Speech Therapy: $75/session x 3 times week = $225/week x 4 weeks = $900/month

I was looking at the cost of speech therapy and comparing it to ObamaCare. It still made me grateful for the opportunity to be involved with Christian Healthcare Ministries. I also realized that we would be paying $720/month for ObamaCare with a $12,500 deductible, our out of pocket cost would be so much that being self-pay/uninsured was still worth it.

This whole experience made me give Medi-Share a second look and our friends who are with them have said good things about their ministry.

If you are looking to join one of the Christian Health Insurance ministries I would suggest taking a look at both Medi-Share and Christian Healthcare Ministries. Both have been around a long time, have proven track records and both have very large membership bases.

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